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Gymshark66 x Lifting Club: Spring Into The New Year

Gymshark 66 x Lifting Club: Spring Into The New Year - concept design for the fitness brand Gymshark, and my entry for the 2023 D&AD New Blood Awards. Designed for 19-25 year olds in search of hope, self-improvement, and finding themselves within a community, Spring Into The New Year is a 5 week programme with social events and fitness workshops. It is a crossover between Gymshark’s habit-forming #Gymshark66 challenge and Lifting Club membership, promoting the the latter via social media and ads. The idea is to help people achieve small goals leading to personal change, and to get them to socialise via fitness workshops, the Lifting Club membership and online chat feature, building a community of optimism, self-improvement, and good health in 2023.

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